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Charisma Gel Sealer

Charisma Gel Sealer

Charisma Nail Innovation Gel Sealer is developed according to the latest technology in the Gel industry. Our Gel Sealer offers superior control and expert workability. This product a high quality product both nail technicians and their clients will love working with and wearing.

  • Thin viscosity gel

  • Non-cleansing formula

  • Leaves a lasting mirror glass finish on any artificial surface

  • Can be applied over acrylic, gel, acrylic paint or fiberglass

  • Seals the artificial nail, protecting it from polish stains or solvent attack

  • Non-yellowing

  • UV cure 2-3 minutes

  • LED cure 1 minute

Note: With Charisma Nail Innovations' Gel Sealer, you can make any gel surface a non-sticky surface by applying this product. For those clients with sensitive skin or any other reaction to gel or acrylic applications. Cannot be used directly on natural nails.

Usage: Use Charisma Nail Innovations' Gel Sealer with an UV lamp with a minimum of 9 watt or a LED lamp. This sealer will give a perfect seal for any artificial nail. Easy and fast brush on application with no buffing or base coats necessary for polish.

Available Size: .5 oz/ 15ml