Electric File Oil 8oz


Electric File Oil was introduced into the nail industry in 1996. It was created by Charisma's founder Lysa Comfort. As the leading electric file expert in the nail industry, Lysa developed a system of electric filing that was focused on using a machine safely and without pain. Electric File Oil is designed to reduce heat and friction which causes the most discomfort associated with "drilling". Electric File Oil also protects the cuticle and skin, preventing cuts and irritation.     Electric File Oil is also great for reducing dust. Usage: Electric File oil works great on acrylic and gel. It should only be used after the application and never to prepare the nail for product application. It can also be used for natural nail manicures to help clean up the cuticle with Charisma's Tapered Finisher Buffer Diamond Bits.

Use with these bits: Diamond or Sanding Bands

Available Sizes: 4oz / 118ml, 8oz/ 240ml (Refill Size)