• Diamond Large Tapered Barrel XFine


    Charisma's Diamond Bits are designed to last and create a perfectly finished nail. All of the Diamond bits are constructed of surgical stainless steel, making it possible to soak them in acetone or any disinfectants without rusting, guaranteeing they will not rust. Industrial grade Diamond particles are adhered to the bit with an electro-magnetic process that increases the lifespan substantially and creates an even surface for smooth workability. Each bit is hand detailed to guarantee the edges are smooth and are completely concentric to eliminate any vibrations. Diamond bits can be used on acrylic and gel. they are safe to use near the skin.

    Available in: 3/32 Shank

    Available Bit Shapes:

    • Barrel Bits: Used for refining the nail after the product is applied. They are also used for shortening and shaping the nail. Also known as a cylinder bit. They are available in 3 Grits: Coarse, Medium, and Extra fine.

        • Coarse Barrel: The bit with the biggest particle. It is used to shorten and remove excess product
        • Medium Barrel: This bit is used mostly for shaping and refining. It will also shorten the nail very efficiently.
        • Extra Fine: Used after the nail has been shaped and refined with Electric File Oil, this bit can eliminate the need for any hand buffing. It is also great for sealing the cuticle for a perfect cuticle appearance.
    • Diamond Large Tapered Barrel XFine

    • Diamond Large Tapered Barrel Medium

    • Diamond Small Tapered Barrel Medium

    • French Fill Diamond Bits: Designed by Lysa Comfort to evenly trench out the re-growth of pink ad while acrylic nails without causing premature lifting or air pockets to the center of the nail. This bit is available in 3 sizes; Large for all nail lengths, Medium for short nails, and Small for air pockets.

    • Bullet Bits: Designed to clean under the backside of the nail. It gets the hard to reach places without damaging the hyponychium