Charisma Nail Professional Acrylic Kit


Charisma Nail Innovations Acrylic Professional Kit includes all products needed to complete 25 to 30 sets of incredibly beautiful Acrylic Nails. Kit includes 1-4oz Monomer, 1-1oz Pink Acrylic Powder, 1-1oz White Acrylic Powder, 1-1oz Clear Acrylic Powder, 1-1oz Natural Acrylic Powder, 1-1/2oz Cuticle Oil, 1-1/2oz Dehydrator, 1-1/2oz UV Top Coat, 1-1/2oz Primer, 1-100grit file. 1-150grit file, 1-180grit file, 1-180/240grit thin file, 1-240grit file, 1 two-sided buffer,  1-High Shine Buffer, 1 small crystal dapping dish, 1-100pk forms, 1-White, Clear and Natural 20pk tips, 1 6g Brush-on Glue, and 1-High Quality Japanese made Charisma Nail Brush.