Charisma Builder Gel Cover Pink 2oz


Charisma Nail Innovations Builder Gels are developed according to the latest technology in the gel-industry. Our gels offer superior control and expert workability. A high-quality product both nail technicians and their clients will love working with and wearing!

  • Charisma Nail Innovations Builder Gels, have a thick viscosity which will make sculpting on a form possible.
  • No odor
  • 3 Minutes cure time
  • Perfect self leveling with any kind of application
  • Strongest gel for tip and form applications
  • Reduced heat sensation, due to new gel technologies
  • Non-yellowing formula
  • UV and LED cure-able

Usage: For sculpting on forms, application on tips and strengthening of the natural nail. Use the Charisma Nail Innovations Builder Gels in an UV light with a minimum of 9 Watt or an LED lamp. Use Charisma Nail Innovations Gel Cleanser to wipe of the sticky residue and have the perfect shine on the nail. All Charisma Nail Innovations Builder Gel applications are used with the Charisma Nail Innovations Gel Brush.

Available Shades: Clear, Cover Pink, Dark Pink, Pink, and White

Available Sizes: .5 oz; 2 oz; 4 oz; 8 oz