• Brilliant Pink Glitter Acrylic Powder 1oz


    Charisma Nail Innovations Acrylic Powder combines style with poly-pure polymer technology for long-lasting, durable enhancements. Our fast-setting powders offer superior control and expert workability, while UV inhibitors prevent discoloration. The result is a high-quality product both nail technicians and their clients will love working with and wearing.

    • Advanced poly-pure polymer technology allows the product to better fuse onto the nails, virtually eliminating air bubbles.  
    • No crystallization.  
    • Softer powder reduces filing time, allows for more flexibility and helps prevent breakage.
    • A drier application results in minimal use of Monomer. Application time may vary depending on climate conditions.   
    • Can be used with any liquid.
    • Creamy, controlled application. Product does not run into cuticles.  

    Usage: Best used with a drier application, but has the versatility to alter the powder-liquid ratio according to the temperature you’re working. For example, a colder environment will require a drier application; a hotter, more humid environment will require a wetter application.