• BEST DEAL 4-12pc Acrylic Color Powder Kits


    Charisma's Color Powder Collections are masterfully created by the brilliant research and development team at Charisma Nail Innovations, the colors in each 12pc collection by design, are a sophisticated blend of the finest Charisma Acrylic base powders and the finest pharmaceutical grade pigments available. Specifically blended to use both as an everyday salon product or for creating world-class multi-dimensional competition masterpieces, The Pastel Collection includes boldly pigmented colors that will complement and enhance your current product choice and dazzle you with colors that define perfection. 

    • Traditional Color Powder Collection (Blue, Turquoise, Aqua Marine, Black, Green, Pink, Dark Pink, Purple, Brown, Yellow, Orange, and Red)
    • Pastel Color Powder Collection (Rose, Peach, Seafoam, Aquamarine, Light Fuchsia, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Lavender, Periwinkle, and Green)
    • Glitter Color Powder Collection (Yellow, Orange, Red, Mauve, Green, Brown, Purple, Magenta, Aqua Marine, Light Blue, and Pink)
    • Transparent Glitter Color Powder Collection (Blue, Light Blue, Mauve, Pink, Peach, Purple, Rose, Rainbow Hexagon, Seafood Green, White, and Yellow)
    • French Color Powder Collection (Nude, Blush, Rose, Blush Glitter, Peach, Brilliant Pink Glitter, Pink Gold, Sachet, White Glitter, Warm Cover Pink, Soft White, and Cover Peach Glitter)
    • Ultra Bright Color Powder Collection (Bright Coral, Bright Green, Bright Passion Pink, Bright Pearly Green, Bright Pearly Lavender, Bright Pearly Periwinkle, Bright Pearly Pink, Bright Pearly White, Bright Pearly Yellow, Bright Red, Bright Violet, and Bright Yellow)
    • Pearl-O-Graphic Color Powder Collection (Black Pearly Brown, Gun Metal Grey, Khaki, Lavender, Lilac, Mink, Pink Gold, Salmon Pink, Silver, Turquoise, and Violet)
    • Pearly Essence Color Powder Collection (Blue, Aqua Marine, White, Copper, Mint Green, Purple, Rose, Gold, Green, Pink, Yellow, and Orange)